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How To Write an Attention Getting About Me Page


This one sounds obvious, but it’s easy to overlook this essential tip. Sometimes the pressure to seem intriguing or exciting or funny can cloud the message you’re trying to send. An approach that works well for some might be awkward when applied to YOUR about me page. A good rule of thumb is that what feels natural will come across naturally, and what feels forced will likely come across as forced. Be true to yourself! After all, your about me page is about you!

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While your about me page is about you, it isn’t actually FOR you. Consider your target audience and tailor what you say to their needs. A target audience of moms who work from home will be looking for something very different than an outdoorsy, millennial entrepreneur. Are both of them in your audience? How can you appeal to their interests? Once you determine your audience, you can highlight aspects of yourself and your business that may draw them to you.


It can be challenging to find the sweet spot between market your business and emphasizing who you are as a person. As a general rule, your about me page really should tell about you. Let the rest of your website tell about your business, and use this page to show the person behind the product. Some details about your business will inevitably be part of the page, but try not to let it become the focus.

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Remember to keep your tone consistent. Decide where you’d like your post to rest on the formal to casual spectrum, and keep to it. Then consider whether you’d like to write in the first, second, or third person. Would you prefer to speak as an individual (first-person: “I love producing quality photographs”), or as someone else describing you (third-person: “Amy loves producing quality photographs”)? Also, it never hurts to triple check for grammar and spelling. Always have an extra set of eyes glance over your page, or read it aloud to yourself to catch errors. Common mistakes like mixing up there/their/they’re or your/you’re or to/too/two can distract from an otherwise clear message.


Finally, be sure to update your about me page as your life changes. Limiting time-dependent phrases can help. For example, if you have eight years of experience, try saying “nearly ten years of experience,” or if you have upgraded your credentials, be sure to say so as soon as possible. An up to date about me page shows your attention to detail and will build your potential clients’ confidence in you.


Last, but not least, don’t forget a photograph of you–SMILING. love moody, artsy portraits as much as the next girl, but they don’t belong on your About Me page. You want to look approachable and kind and a smiling photograph will portray warmth to the viewer. As a photographer, I’d highly recommend hiring a local brand photographer. A good photographer will make you look your best and capture you in a way that makes people notice. They will know the most prettiest light, best poses, and which lens to choose to flatter you.

But, if you don’t have the budget yet…you can always have a friend help you out. Choose great lighting (facing a window is usually good) and take 20-30 photos until you find one you love. Chances are your potential clients/customers will too.

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