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New Collections! Four of My Favorite Winter Survival Tips for Business Owners

This month’s collections include stock photos featuring yoga, winter salads, working from your bed, and letters (like-real-life-in-the-mail-letters!). While reviewing this collection, I realized how helpful each of its themes can be during this time of year. Whether you prefer to call it, tips for beating the winter blues or strategies for surviving without sunshine, most of us could use the reminder to take care of ourselves and reach out to others during this busy, bleak-weathered season. Here are four of my favorite ways to make it through winter as a business owner and four collections for you to share with your audience until spring has sprung.

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Good Food (Pear Salad Collection)

You’re welcome to choose your own ratio, but I prefer part good food and part comfort food this time of year. Taking an extra few minutes to plan and prepare healthy food options is worth the effort and can be a surprisingly great motivator during the winter months. I don’t know if it’s the connection to the earth or the extra vitamins, but there’s something about a good winter salad that provides the extra edge it takes to brave the cold and keep on going. Plus, there’s nothing like coming home to a hot beverage and freshly baked cookies, after all, that effort!

Stress Relief (Yoga Collection)

So many of us carry stress in our bodies, but our culture is conditioned to tough it out and push on until the stress takes its toll and refuses to be ignored. Yoga is a fantastic practice to counter this tendency, and pause to connect our mind, body, and spirit. By listening and moving and releasing the tension, we can free ourselves from negative energy, and be more open to the things that are true and beautiful about who we are. We found a fantastic space with beautiful brick walls and enjoyed shooting this yoga collection there. As always these stock photos have been designed to be used by anyone…But, especially those with a love for yoga and fitness!

Love Letters Collection

We live in a digital world and emails, texts, and DM’s are just the norm. With so little human connection, getting REAL mail can be such a joy! And, mail in a beautiful envelope with a gold wax seal? How fun is that?

This collection has inspired me to set pen to paper and write a few notes to brighten friends’ dreary February days. It is the perfect collection for anyone who loves to get mail, write letters, or who loves pretty things! (Pro Tip: Ask your audience if they’d rather get a letter or email for lots of engagement.)

Meaningful Work (Working From Home Collection)

Taking photos and using my fifteen years experience as a business owner to help others is more than just work to me, it’s work that matters. At the end of the day, I not only get to do what I love, but I also get to help other people grow their own businesses. It’s beautiful and it makes me happy. But, my day to day life looks a lot like this. Sitting on a bed with a laptop. Working in the margins. Kids around me. Side hustles. No matter what kind of work you do, I see you–sitting at home, working hard to balance it all, just like I am. This is a collection for all of us.

What would you love to see for March? I have so many spring thoughts on my mind, I can’t wait to capture them.